Kansas Returning WRs Among Most Talented in Big 12

There hasn’t been a lot of excitement coming into a summer camp for Kansas football lately, aside from star RB Pooka Williams that is.

But this year will be different.

Kansas returns three key wide receivers, Andrew Parchment, Stephon Robinson, Jr., and Kwamie Lassiter II, all of which had over 30 receptions and 350 yards receiving last year. Parchment and Robinson each had over 40 receptions and 700 yards receiving.

Kansas hasn’t had a returning WR duo like that in over a decade.

I’m sure the names Kerry Meier and Dezmon Briscoe ring a bell.

But for a program that is desperate for consistency, this is a good start.

Not only did Parchment and Robinson have great years last year per Kansas football standards, they even stood out in the Big 12.

In total receptions Parchment came in at 5th in the conference while Robinson came in at 12th.

In total yards receiving Parchment came in at 6th while Robinson came in a few spots below him at 9th.

The biggest spread between the two is total yards per catch, where Robinson came in at 7th and Parchment came in at 19th.

But they finished the year neck and neck in receiving touchdowns, as Robinson finished in 5th and Parchment at 7th.

Obviously, a lot of their success this year will depend on how the new starting QB plays, whoever that might be. Regardless, but both Parchment and Robinson have a knack for creating big plays out of no where. As long as the QB can get the ball in their vicinity that’s all the talented WR’s will need.

The talent doesn’t just stop at those two, though. As mentioned above, Lassiter has the potential for another big year.

A few other guys to watch, senior big target Ezra Naylor, sophomore speedster Jamahl Horne, junior Takulve Williams and a handful of talented incoming freshmen in Lawrence Arnold, Kyler Pearson, Steven McBride, Tristan Golightly, Malik Johnson and Luke Grimm.

It stands to reason that under the guidance of one of the brightest offensive minds in the Big 12, Brent Dearmon, and arguably one of the best WR coaches in the league, Emmit Jones, it could be a big year for Kansas wide receivers and the offense as a whole.

While it remains to be seen who begins the year under center, there’s no doubt whoever it is they’ll have plenty of weapons and opportunities to move the ball.

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