Iowa State Pressured To Consider Fan-less Football

Cyclone fans got a huge jolt when the University recently announced, fans could attend games. Granted, they’d be limited to only 50% capacity. Now, the city of Ames has voiced their concerns about fans and COVID. Ultimately, pressuring Iowa State to consider a season-ticket holders nightmare, fan-less football.

The Concern

Multiple outlets are reporting Monday June 22nd, the Story County Board of Health publicly pleaded for Iowa State to consider a fan-less football season.

We implore Iowa State University to cancel spectators at sporting events this fall. Please only broadcast them. We cannot think of any way these events can be made even remotely safe with the masses of people from all over the state who routinely attend these events. Please for the health of our community.

Story County Board Of Health – 6/22/2020 agenda

In the same day, Iowa’s AD, Gary Barta, halted ticket sales while school officials figure out how many fans will be allowed into Kinnick Stadium. At this point Iowa State AD, Jamie Pollard, is yet to respond to the Story County Board of Health. Still, these events show the the possibility of an electric atmosphere in Jack Trice stadium is completely up in the air.

With the season drawing neigh, there’s less time to make these big-time decisions. Once the University makes their choice on the issue, chances are they’re going to stick with it. Of course, it’ll make sense if they choose to opt for no fans, since there’s the least amount of risk.

The Upside

Here’s the silver lining, Iowa state athletics recently developed, their own streaming service. The service allows fans from all over to stream Cyclones Sports through their website. They also have a deal with Iowa cable provider Mediacom, providing round-the-clock access for fans subscribed to Mediacom’s expanded basic cable. If those options don’t suit you there’s still hope. Given the talent level of their competition, Iowa State football is often on larger networks as well. So, there should be plenty of opportunity to catch the cyclones this fall.

While everyone can agree opting for no fans this year flat out sucks, it makes the most sense. Given the die-hard spirits that college football fans have, it’s safe to say they’d be willing to give up seeing their in-person experience to see their teams play at all.

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