Baylor 2020 Season Preview: Dealing With Turnover

Baylor 2020 Season Wrap-up

Baylor has a relatively high ceiling in 2020. In a best case scenario, the Bears are have a better offense and slightly worse defense in 2020 compared to 2019. This would put them right back up at the top of the Big 12.

Unfortunately, the chances of that best case scenario are slim. It’s more likely Brewer misses a few games due to injury and Baylor’s defense takes a little more than a small step back – especially considering the lack of pre-season practice. Combine that with the fact that the Big 12 is incredibly competitive in 2020, and I see Baylor tied with Texas or just behind them at #4 or #5 in the Big 12. So, I wouldn’t expect another Big 12 title run.

With that said, under Dave Aranda, the future is bright for Baylor and if they don’t crack top 3 in 2020 I wouldn’t be surprised if they do soon after.

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