Kansas State Recruiting On Verge Of Major Jump

College football is setting their schedule to return and rolling out plans to get everyone back. As football slowly returns, so will recruiting. With how strange this recruiting cycle has been, the results have been even stranger. As things return to normal, Kansas State recruiting could see a large jump in recruiting rankings.

Strange Recruitment

With current social distancing requirements, K-State (and the rest of CFB) has had to adopt virtual recruiting. These virtual recruiting visits don’t quite capture all the “on campus” feels or personality of the coaching staff.

You would think that the lack of traveling and touring their potential future school would have commitments down. It has been the exact opposite.

As you can see this year there is 523 more commits this year than last year (as of May 30th). This isn’t a slight increase. With the massive amount of commits, we are bound to see a massive amount of players flipping before signing day. Especially once on campus visits resume.

One of Kansas State’s mos important assets in recruiting in their Campus so I’m expecting them to benefit from this exodus. This campus is often touted as one of the best in the Big 12. Once visits start again and Kansas State can use their campus to its full potential and build off their momentum from last season. It’s a winning formula for Klieman.

Chris Klieman has already surprised most of the country by exceeding expectations in year one and is a proven developer of talent. With how strange this 2021 class is, it has been the coaching staffs that adapt to this new world that thrive. North Carolina, Minnesota and Tennessee have all been reaping the benefits by getting out in front and finding new ways to recruit. Once everything returns and the first signing day gets close, chaos could ensue. As players flip and look for a new school, the Wildcats could be an enticing home.

Kansas State currently has the 65th class overall and 8th in the Big 12 according to 247 Sports

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