CBS Ranks Matt Wells 2nd To Last In Big 12 Coaches

CBS sports just announced their 2020 power five coaches rankings. The Big 12 had 6 coaches ranked between 65-26, and 4 ranked inside the top 25. Unfortunately for the Red Raiders, head coach Matt Wells ranked 2nd to last, just in front of Baylor’s Dave Aranda.

This isn’t necessarily breaking news. Even I had Matt Wells dead last in my Big 12 coaches rankings. While that doesn’t make Texas Tech fans feel warm and fuzzy, its not the end of the world.

I don’t like making excuses but when you take a step back and look at what he was working with and the conference as a whole, 2nd to last isn’t that bad..

Matt Wells was fighting an uphill battle. It’s challenging to come in anywhere fresh in year one and make a difference. Even more so when you have brand new coordinators and a revolving door of QBs. Despite a couple good wins, Texas Tech just couldn’t get into rhythm.

In addition to that, Matt Wells is in competition with some serious coaches. First, you’ve got consistent conference leaders like Riley, Herman (even though he’s a disappointment), and Gundy. You’ve also got newer coaches – like Brown, Campbell, and Klieman- who were able to make almost immediate improvements. Lastly, you’ve got Les Miles and Gary Patterson, who struggled but have a jaw dropping resume from previous teams. Bottom line, these are all good coaches and the competition for Wells.

So it’s nothing to bug about, for now at least. Even though I agree he is in the bottom tier of Big 12 coaches I like what he’s doing and who he’s hired. If Texas Tech could have a dependable QB and get some momentum I think they could definitely be a 500 team in 2020 and Matt Wells could move up in the rankings.

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So what do you think about Matt Wells and Texas Tech? Do you like him, do you hate him, or are you unsure? Grab some Red Raiders fans and start a thread on our forum. Also, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “CBS Ranks Matt Wells 2nd To Last In Big 12 Coaches

  1. I like what he says and I like his expression of his vision for the team. I’m not sure I believe that he believes it from time to time but like the vision none the less. I believe he’s a genuine leader. He has to take the next step and win the close games that he claims make the difference, and complete part 1 of the vision. If he’s successful year 2 and year 3 he’ll probably have enough momentum to take the next steps. Nothing has been decided at all since taking over a “finesse” team and converting it to a tough, smash mouth blue collar team was certainly going to be a tough transition and likely to result in a sub .500 record.

    1. Well said, it’s so hard to rank someone so new to the system that inherited a struggling program.

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