Tom Herman Compliments OU’s QB Development

The Texas-Oklahoma rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries in college football. For Texas and Oklahoma fans, the Red River Showdown is essentially a holiday. Even in the off season, this rivalry is often a heated conversation piece among fans, and players. Coaches will also chime in every now and then, although their takes tend to exude respect for the opponent. In this case, Tom Herman actually compliments Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s Dominence

In a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, Longhorns coach Tom Herman admitted the Sooners success “grates” at the Longhorns. Which makes sense. The Sooners have really dominated the Big 12 in recent history. Especially since Riley took over as head coach. Riley is 36-6 with the Sooners overall and 3-1 against Texas. A good bit of that is thanks to Riley’s ability to develop QBs. Between a walk on (Baker Mayfield), and two transfers (Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts), Riley has produced 2 Heismans, 2 first overall picks, and 3 NFL QBs.

Tom Herman Compliments OU

Coach Herman also thinks the Sooners ability to develop QBs is a big reason their so dominant.

“They’ve had really good teams, they’ve got really good coaches. They’ve had two No. 1 picks at quarterback, back to back years as well as a second-round pick this past year,” Herman said. “We all know how important that position is in all levels of football. They’ve done a phenomenal job of recruiting and developing that position. We beat them in the regular season. Couldn’t pull off the second part of that, which was beating them in the conference championship game.”

Herman was later asked what it would take for the Longhorns to get over the hump.

“So what’s it going to take? It’s going to take a continued effort to recruit elite talent and to develop that talent and then hopefully one of these days they’ll stop having first- and second-round draft picks at quarterback,” He said. “But we’ve played draft picks, that’s certainly not an excuse at all, we’ve played draft picks at quarterback damn near every week, but those three guys they’ve had in the last three years were special — really, really special.

While I’m often a critic of Mr. Herman I can’t disagree with him on this one. Do you agree with Herman? Let us know on our new forum, or on our Facebook or Twitter.

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