Neal Brown Ranked At Bottom Of Big 12 By CBS Sports

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CBS Sports just dropped their coach rankings and had Neal Brown ranked 9th in the Big 12 and 47th out of 65 among P5 coaches.

This was an 11 spot drop for Coach Brown compared to their rankings for the 2019 season. The fall and putting him at the bottom of the Big 12 seems a bit head scratching. Neal Brown sits between Matt Wells and Les Miles.

Even more surprising was putting Miles ahead of Brown. When looking at who you would want to rebuild a program today, Brown is the clear choice. Neal Brown has been recruiting at an impressive level, been able to land some impact transfers and was putting it all together to end the 2019 season. The Big 12 is probably the deepest conference in college football and is loaded with talented coaches. However leaving Brown at the bottom of not only the Big 12, but the entire group of P5 coaches seems wrong.

Neal Brown has a history of turning programs around quickly and West Virginia is primed to surprise the Big 12 this season in year two. The defense just landed two big time transfers and has one of the best defensive tackles in the country. For a group that ranked top 25 in sacks, this group could be dangerous with the majority of their production back.

We covered our own Big 12 coach rankings on the most recent Saturday Tailgate Radio podcast. I was also a bit higher on Brown compared to Mike Burvee and Tom Bianchi. You can listen to the full breakdown here:

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