Uncertainty Surrounds Zach Evans At TCU

Zach Evans is clearly a talented back and it was a bit of a shock that he picked TCU. The five star RB had a recruiting process full of twists and it ran well past signing day. Now that he finally has a team, the biggest question is if he will stick.

Zach Evans

By this point, just about everyone has at least seen a glimpse of everything that happened. The silent commitment, the release, not signing on second signing day, getting sent home from the championship game. There isn’t a glaring issue or legal trouble and he is just an 18 year old kid. Things could be far worse than not making up your mind on where to go to school.

The biggest uncertainty is if Evans will stick around at TCU. It is fair to say he is a high profile player. The NCAA has also shown that they will let young stars transfer and be immediately eligible. If Evans decided he wanted to leave TCU after a season, I don’t think he would get much push back from the NCAA.

As I previously mentioned and everyone already knows, Evans is a high end talent. Evans is the highest rated recruit ever for TCU on 247 Sports. (247 Sports dates back to 2000.) He was also the number 16 overall player in the country and had quite a list of teams calling for his services. However it isn’t all worst case scenario for the Texas high school star and TCU. He should fit right in immediately.

Day One Starter

Evans could be a day one starter for TCU. He isn’t a kid you redshirt because you don’t expect him to be at any school for four years. He also comes to TCU at a time when they just graduated almost all of their running back production.

For three years, TCU has been able to rely on the duo of Sewo Olonilua and Darius Anderson at running back to provide a consistent attack. But Olonilua and Anderson graduated, leaving the running back position wide open. Of the 1,590 yards gained by TCU backs last year, Olonilua and Anderson accounted for 1,360.

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Coach Gary Patterson is also one of the best coaches in the country. The TCU staff landed an absolute stud in Evans and he could change the entire trajectory of the team.

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  1. Why would you want to leave TCU? Have you seen the girls there? Prettiest girls in the world !

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