Texas WR Corps Needs To Step Up

As most of you know, Texas sent their top WRs, Collin Johnson and Devin Duvernay, to the NFL. The Johnson/Duvernay duo accounted for 144 catches, 1,945 yards, and 12 TDs in 2019. Without these two in 2020, it’s clear the the “other guys” in the Texas WR corps need to step up.

Texas WR Corps In 2020

So, who are the other guys? Well, Texas has a number of talented WR on their roster. They’re Texas, of course they’re loaded with talent. However, When I think of the other guys that could step up in 2020, I think of Jake Smith, Brennan Eagles, and graduate transfer Tarik Balck.

Jake Smith

First up is to-be sophomore Jake Smith. Smith was a top 10 WR in the class of 2019. Not only that, he was also the gatorade national high school football player of the year. It’s safe to say Smith came to UT with a solid reputation. As a freshman in 2019, he had a solid start to the season but kinda slowed down as the season went on. He ended up with 25 receptions, 274 yards, and 6 TD.

Brennen Eagles

Next up is 6′ 4″, 255 lbs junior, Brennan Eagles. Similar to Smith, Eagles was a solid recruit coming in. Eagles was another top 10 WR, this time in the class of 2018. He was also the no. 6 recruit in Texas. Eagles’ play was sporadic at bets throughout the year but his production was solid. He ended up with 32 receptions for 522 yards and 6 TDs. It’s also worth noting he averaged 16.3 yards per catch.

Tarik Black

Last but certainly not least, is Tarik Black. The former 4-star comes to Texas as a grad transfer from Michigan. As a grad transfer, he brings a lot of experience. This is exactly what Texas needs given how young and inexperienced the Texas WR corps is. In addition, this kid is another unit of a WR at 6′ 3″, 215lbs. Black is yet another talented addition to the roster. His stats don’t necessarily show it (25 reception, 323 yards, and 1 TD in 2019), but he has an excuse. He was playing in Michigan and had Shea Patterson was throwing to him. There is one major concern with black though. His history of injuries. Black has had multiple foot injuries in his career. While I don’t fault him for having to play at Michigan, the last part is a major concern for me.

Will they step up?

While I think the Texas WR corps is set on talent I don’t think they will see the same success as last year. Texas is always loaded in talent and sometimes they struggle to put it together. Bottom line, this WR corps is unproven and their most experienced WR is a transfer who has a history of injuries. Combine that with the fact that there are some questions around the offensive line and a brand new OC and there is just too much uncertainty. This WR corps has all the potential in the world but I’m not confident they’ll reach it.

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