Notre Dame Recruiting Class Loses Another

Notre Dame recently lost a top 50 player from their recruiting class in Deion Colzie. The talented receiver was the second highest rated player in the 2021 class according to 247 Sports. Notre Dame recruiting has taken a hit, but it isn’t a time to panic.

Notre Dame Recruiting

Brian Kelly recently mentioned that he believes Notre Dame could start bringing in top five classes. To hear him say that after 10 years was a bit concerning, however better late than never I guess. Kelly ment what he said because the 2021 class is loaded with talent.

Notre Dame currently has the seventh rated class according to 247 Sports. They have five players rated as a four star and two of them are top 100 overall. Notre Dame is also in play for seven more recruits rated in the top 100 overall. With about nine months until the first signing day, there is plenty of time to build up this class.

Notre Dame is the favorite on landing Will Shipley and heavily in the mix for some elite offensive linemen. As Kelly shifts his recruiting focus, the decommits will happen and it is a bit of a refreshing sign.

Chasing Top Players

It will be tough to believe, but the decommitment of an elite recruit is a good thing for Notre Dame. As Notre Dame puts more effort into landing elite talent, they will see more decommitments.

Deion Colzie is a Georgia native with 26 offers right now. Since he reopened his recruitment, the offers have been pouring in and it isn’t going to slow down. Everyone in the country wants Colzie on their roster and Notre Dame being in the mix is a positive sign.

When you actually go after elite talent, losing some is a part of the game. Alabama had seven players decommit in the 2020 class. Landing these guys early on is great and can help build a strong class. However the sky isn’t falling when one or two of them leave. Notre Dame also lost Greg Crippen, a four star offensive lineman from Florida. Crippen was expected to decommit a while before he did and the loss was expected. While losing a top 250 overall player is never great, Notre Dame is in great shape with their prospects for the 2021 class.

Losing players like Crippen and Colzie is disheartening. However it is refreshing that Kelly is going after the best players in the country and chasing a top five class. Colzie won’t be the last player to decommit and as long as Kelly and the coaching staff can land other commits, Notre Dame will be just fine.

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