Projecting The Big 12’s Best QB In 2020

The Big 12 is home to a number of talented quarterbacks. Year after year these quarterbacks produce video game like numbers. So, who will be the best Big 12 QB in 2020? Three QBs come to mind immediately but one sticks out. Therefore, I think its time for a way-to-early projection of the Big 12’s best QB in 2020.

#3 Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy is coming into his 3rd season with the Iowa State cyclones. This is a strength in and of itself. I’m almost always going to give an edge to a more experienced quarterback. I feel like this guy often gets overlooked outside of the Big 12 because, well, he’s a cyclone. Fortunately for him his numbers speak for themselves, he threw for 3,982 yards and 27 TDs in 2019. He ranked as the #1 Big 12 QB in passing yards and #3 in passing TDs. He’s not much of a rusher, but those passing stats are impressive to say the least.

The only reason I don’t have him number 2 is because I don’t think he has the weapons or support our next two quarterback will have.

#2 Spencer Rattler

Like I said I almost always going to give an edge to a more experienced QB – not this time. With only 3 games played last year reviewing his stats are worthless. With that said, Spencer Rattler is primed up for a big year. As the nations #1 Pro Style QB in the class of 2019, there is no short of talent behind center for OU. However, you need more than hype to make this list.

Rattler is #2 on my list because he’s playing for Oklahoma. That means he is going to have one of the best QB developers directing him. After back to back Heisman winners in 2017 and 2018, and a Heisman finalist in 2019, its safe to say Lincoln Riley can develop a QB. Not only that but Rattler will have one arguably one of the best WR corps in the league. While OU has a reputation as QBU, you could make the case they’re also becoming WRU. After churning out the likes of Hollywood Brown, and Cee Dee Lamb, OU proved they know how to make elite WRs. As we enter 2020, Rattler will have the next wave of talented WRs which includes the likes of Charleston Rambo, Theo Wease Jr., and Jadon Haselwood.

Lastly, has had one full year to learn the system, and develop as a leader under Jalen Hurts. I’m expecting big things out of him in 2020.

#1 Sam Ehlinger

I used to have him at #3 or #4 but hear me out.. The Big 12’s best QB in 2020 will be Sam Ehlinger. As an OU fan it pains me to type that, but I truly believe it.

While I hate Texas, I’ve always respected Ehlinger. I think he is the only reason Texas has not totally collapsed. Despite not having a good offensive line or leadership -Herman is a clown- Ehlinger puts up impressive numbers. In 2019 he was tied for 1st with Jalen Hurts for passing TDs (32). As for passing yards, he was #3 with 3663 yards.

With that said, impressive numbers aren’t enough to make him #1. What will allow Ehlinger to break through in 2020 is the fact that he will actually have support. Sure, Ehlinger’s top 2019 targets, Collin Johnson and Devin Duvernay are gone, but I expect some younger guys to step up big. Sophomores Jake Smith and Brennan Eagles were both top 10 WRs in their respective classes.

Texas also has a healthy rotation at RB. Jordan Whittington returns and Texas brings in the top running back in the 2020 class, Bijan Robinson. This should take some pressure of Ehlinger.

Most importantly, he will have a new OC. Texas brought in Mike Yurcich to be the new OC and QB coach at Texas. Yurcich was the QB coach and passing game coordinator at Ohio State last season. He also spent time at Oklahoma State coaching under Mike Gundy. If Yurcich knows anything, it will be opening up the offense and working with some of the best offensive minds in football.

With all of that said, Texas still won’t beat OU in 2020..

Big 12’s Best QB

So there you have it, Same Ehlinger will be the Big 12’s best QB in 2020. Keep an eye on Rattler and Purdy though as they are primed for big years as well. Who do you think will be the Big 12’s best QB in 2020? Let us know in the comments below, Facebook, or Twitter. Don’t forget to check out the website for all things CFB, and score some cool merch.

4 thoughts on “Projecting The Big 12’s Best QB In 2020

  1. Purdy rushed for fewer yards at the direction of the coaching staff who wanted him to stay in the pocket longer. The Clones were one uncalled PI away from a road win over OUin. A game where Purdy arguably out played Hurt. And he beat Sam as well.

    1. That’s why he’s in the top 3. I just think Ehlinger and Rattler are going to have similar numbers and win more games thanks because of their support/weapons.

  2. Spencer. Sanders. He is slept on but could become the best in the Big 12 with the weapons around him. Rattler has the coach and talent around him but he hasn’t done anything noteworthy during his very young career

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