Predicting Who Gets The Nation’s No. 1 RB

No. 1 RB in 2021

TreVeyon Henderson, the nation’s no.1 RB in the class of 2021. For those of you that don’t know him, you should. I tried to tell you awhile ago Henderson was going to be something great. The 5-11 195 RB is an absolute stud. In his Junior season he recorded 53 TDs, 3,000 APY, 48 tackles, and 3 INT.

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The kid is a monster on all sides of the ball but now he’s honing his RB skills. Just watch him hit 21.6 MPH on this 99-yard TD..

Landing Spot

So it’s pretty clear why he’s the no. 1 RB in the 2021 class at the moment, but where will he go? I’ve got Henderson going to Oklahoma, Georgia, or Ohio State.

Each of these programs is a powerhouse and touts one of, if the not the, best offensive lines in their respective conferences. With that said each program has some unique draws.

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma just got DeMarco Murray as their RBs coach. While Murray is still newish to the coaching game, he has had high praise from his former head coach and carries immense clout from his successful NFL Career. There has been a lot of hype around Murray’s recruiting prowess. In an attempt to live up to the hype I’m sure he’s recruiting Henderson hard.

2. Georgia

Georgia’s main pull here is Kirby Smart. Smart has been absolutely tearing up the recruiting scene. In that past 3 years, Smart has had 2 no. 1 classes and 1 no. 2 class. There’s no doubt he and his team are amazing at recruiting so I have to include them in the top 3 landing spots. In addition, Georgia is the most recent team to produce a RB that is likely to go high in the NFL draft. Being able to point to D’Andre Swift as an example of what a recruit can become is a hell of a pitch.

1. Ohio State

Ohio State is number 1 because they provide the best opportunity for Henderson. First off, the Buckeye’s will need help at the RB position after losing missing a few key recruiting targets in 2020. While both Georgia and Oklahoma are likely to be much deeper at RB in 2021. In addition, Ohio State’s offense is more appealing to a RB. There’s no doubt Ohio State takes a more balanced approach to their offense than Oklahoma, who lives off of an air-raid-esq scheme. With Georgia adding Todd Monken, I see them leaning more toward a spread passing offense. Therefore, Ohio State’s offense is undoubtedly more appealing to an elite RB looking to make a name for himself.

So stay tuned with Saturday Tailgate and we will do our best to keep you updated on the whereabouts of Treveyon Henderson.

10 thoughts on “Predicting Who Gets The Nation’s No. 1 RB

  1. Oklahoma averaged almost 300 yards rushing per game last year, how can you call them air raid. No team is more balanced!

    1. Cause a lot of that came from the QB. With Rattler, I think their offense will be more air raid-ish like it was with Kyler and Baker.

      1. Baker had Perine and Mixon BOTH go for 1000 yards each in 2016… Kyler had Brooks go for over 1000 yards (after Anderson got hurt game 2). OU RUNS THE BALL. OU has had a 1000 yard rusher every season since 2013, and that’s because that year they had to kick Damien Williams (2020 Super Bowl Champ) off the team for discipline. TO SAY OU IS AIR RAID IS MISGUIDED, they CREATED RPO on steroids, It’s a run first offense. OU is a running back school, always has been.

      2. You’re not wrong but never said Oklahoma was a true air raid. I also didn’t say they weren’t balanced. Just that I believe Ohio states offense is more balanced, especially last year.

      1. Tom BIanci, understood. I think what will help Trey is that you can expect LB’s to freeze on Read Option plays… same dynamic as last year there. I don’t think Trey is as explosive as JK Dobbins.. I do believe Trey’s power and burst will do wonders at tOSU. Having said that I don’t know if OU will get the no.1 back Henderson.. OU’s RB room is loaded.

      2. Right. I still think Ohio State is more appealing for Henderson but I’m not saying OU is a “bad” place for him. They’re still in my top 3 landing spots. We shall see but my “money” is on OSU for now.

  2. You do know OU is more balanced than ANYONE in the nation? I guess people forget they ran Samagie Perine and Joe Mixon (both) for 1000 yards IN THE SAME SEASON while Mayfield was qb. How about Rodney Anderson running 1100 i. 2017 and wasn’t even the starter the first 3-4 games I believe? OU HAS ALWAYS BEEN BALANCED. Even back to the days of Sam Bradford and Laundry Jones.

    1. I’m thinking more recent history. Even so Im not saying OU isn’t balanced I just feel a RB would have more oppertunity at Ohio State.

  3. OU’s GT play is all about running downhill… It’s all they do and it’s how OU sets up RPO. They get great RB’s for a reason.

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