First Year Coaches At Massive Disadvantage

COVID-19 has taken over just about every media outlet around the country. Football wasn’t spared as the cancellations rolled in for Winter and Spring sports.

“The SEC today announced that all organized team activities, including competitions, team and individual practices, meetings and other organized gatherings, will be suspended through Apr. 15. The SEC had previously announced all competition was suspended through Mar. 30.” -Southeastern Conference official Twitter account.

Via 247 Sports

This becomes an issue for first year coaches in not only the SEC, but around the country. With Spring practice shut down, there is less time to install new systems, playbooks, talk to recruits, etc.

While this isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, the veteran coaches could come out ahead. Coaches like Saban, Coach O and Kirby Smart have systems and history on their side. Those three are football factories and they will bring in top talent whether they have a full recruiting season or not.

Coaches like Pittman on the other hand have to sell everything because they have very little to show. He can talk about his record as an O line coach or Kendal Briles previous offenses, but it is still all hope and guess work.

The other major issue is the NCAA. When this blows over, they could fix just about everything. let Spring practice take place in early Summer and just shifting everything a few weeks later. The problem is the NCAA can’t ever get anything right. Knowing the fate of the season lies in their hands gives me as much confidence as saying Lane Kiffin won’t cheat.

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