“The Herd” Guest Claims Hurts Was “Not Well Liked”

Earlier this week, Doug Gottlieb went on “The Herd” and claimed that Jalen Hurts “was not well liked in that locker room”. He also refered to Hurts as an “About Me Guy”.

Has anybody ever heard this before? Seriously? This is garbage.

Before Hurts even got to Oklahoma he was a great leader. Nick Saban said it himself On the “Golic and Wingo” show in 2019. Then, once he got to Oklahoma his teammates raved about his work ethic and presence.As you’d expect his most recent head coach Lincoln Riley shared the same views. Their quotes are below..

Coach Saban

“I’m actually happy for the guy. There’s never been a guy that — anywhere in college football — that did things more correctly and set a better example as a leader than Jalen Hurts did while he was here by staying here after he was replaced as a starter. I have the utmost respect for this guy as a person and as a competitor. I’m glad to see him doing well.”

Nick Saban – Alabama Head Coach

Oklahoma Teammates

“They all [Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, and Baker Mayfield] have that winning mentality. They have that edge with them. But I would say he [Hurts] brings a little bit different intensity than those two guys. I mean, they’re intense, but I think Jalen is a guy that likes to work, likes to grind, likes to work hard in everything he does. So that might be a little bit different”

Grant Calcaterra – OU Tight End

“As for Jalen’s aspect, I feel like he’s trying to better himself, silence all critics and be the best person he can be.”

Cee Dee Lamb – OU Wide Reciever

“He’s a true leader. When he steps in the room, you know Jalen Hurts is in the room. … Just how he carries himself. The knowledge and experience he brings, there’s a whole bunch that he can bring to this team.”

Justin Broiles – OU Defensive Back

Coach Lincoln Riley

“He’s certainly one of the biggest leaders on this team. And the best teams always have (it). You’ve gotta have leadership from coaches but you also have to have internal leadership from the players. You have to have that and for him to take ownership in that moment I think it said a lot to our team.”

Lincoln Riley – Oklahoma Head Coach

So sorry Doug, I’m going to take the word of his coaches and former teammates before I listen to your “sources”.

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