Curtis Blackwell Claims MSU Cheated In New Lawsuit

The fire that is Michigan State University continues to burn. ESPN’s Dan Murphy is reporting that former MSU recruiting director Curtis Blackwell has filed another lawsuit against MSU.

New Allegations

Within the suit, Blackwell alleges Michigan State secretly taped practices of a future opponent in a different state before the game. There were a number of other claims..

The Past

This all stems from Curtis Blackwell being fired over how he handled a 2017 sexual assault claim made against three freshmen who were then on the football team. Essentially, Blackwell claims he was the scapegoat while MSU claims he was the only one who handled the claims inappropriately. It’s worth noting, Blackwell was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a police investigation when dealing with the claims in 2017. However, he was not charged with a crime.

Poor Mel Tucker

This is just bananas if you ask me. It seems like Blackwell is airing more dirty laundry every week. While I’m hard pressed to call Curtis Blackwell trustworthy, I definitely don’t trust Mark Dantonio or MSU’s AD. To me, it looks like Blackwell was involved with some shady stuff but MSU sold him out to save skin. Now, he’s coming back to take them down with him..

I hope that pay boost MSU’s new head coach Mel Tucker got when taking the job was worth it. He walked into quite the mess. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he had a few NCAA sanctions heading his way.

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