Urban Meyer On Florida: “I think they should be in the playoff”

Urban Meyer believes 2020 is going to be a huge year for the Florida Gators.

The former Florida Gator head coach spoke expressed his optimism with Gator Bait Media’s Buddy Martin.

“I think they should be in the playoff,” Urban said of the 2020 Gators. “I think it’s time. Dan’s built a good program. But I spent six years at Florida. Georgia is a BIG game. Until you beat Georgia you can’t say a thing. And I think this is the year.”

Beating Georgia

One thing is undoubtedly true, to get to the CFP, Florida has to beat the bulldogs. While some at Saturday-Tailgate believe Georgia is pulling further ahead of Florida, I believe the race is closer than it appears.

Georgia’s major advantage is their recruiting. Georgia has pulled in a top 3 recruiting class 4 years straight. florida on the other hand has been hovering around top 10 (with 2018’s class being no. 14). However, with all of the turnover, and a transfer quarterback, Georgia may be more vulnerable than some think. Most notably of the turnover, Georgia lost a great offensive mind in Sam Pittman and hired former Bama S&C coach, Sam Cochran. The Sam Cochran hire comes with risk because he is a special teams coach with no special teams experience. As for Jamie Newman, he has yet to play an SEC defense, especially one like Florida’s, so it’s extremely hard to gauge his potential impact. Combine all of that with the strength of Florida’s defense and the potential Trask could have under Mullen and this could be anybodies game.

2020 Season

If Florida can surpass Georgia then I like their chances of making it to the playoffs in 2020. Georgia is undoubtedly the biggest game on their schedule for now. With that said, they also still have to play FSU, LSU, and Tennessee. LSU appears to be the toughest opponent of the three but they are also undergoing a lot of turnover. FSU on the other hand was a dumpster fire last year and has a new head coach in Norvell. However, it’s still an in state rivalry so anything goes I suppose. Lastly, don’t count Tennessee out, Jeremy Pruitt is building a legitimate squad. While they are unlikely to be a top 10 team in my opinion, I could see them catching a big name opponent by surprise in the beginning of the year. If Florida walks away with 1 loss among the aforementioned teams but beats Georgia, they’ve got a hell of a shot to get into the 2020 CFP.


So could this be the year Florida makes the jump? Maybe. I’m not as confident as Urban Meyer, although it does look like things are beginning to align for Florida in 2020.

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