Texas Could Have A New Rival

The red river rivalry is not going anywhere, but Texas could gain another rivalry in the near future.

2006 National Championship

Ever since the 2006 National Championship Game in Pasadena, California, there has been bad blood between Texas and USC. Texas left a wound that wouldn’t heal with time. They snapped USC’s 34 game winning streak and stole the national title from the CFB juggernaut. Despite the history, Texas and USC have only played a handful of times in their existence so it’s tough to call this a true rivalry.

USC To The BIG-12

That may change. Last month, 247 Sports asked USC’s Athletic Director, Mike Bohn, if he would consider going independent or joining another conference in order to keep USC among the best college football programs in the country. Bohn responded with, “I think right now, and Larry would agree with this, everything is on the table,”.

Ever since he said that rumors and think pieces have been flying about USC (and some other PAC-12 teams) joining the BIG-12. While its all speculation now, it makes sense. USC’s television contract with the PAC 12 ends in 2024, this means they technically could make the jump to another conference. The BIG-12 would be a good landing spot because they feature only 10 teams and it makes sense geographically. In addition, USC could come in and compete at the highest level right away, therefor earning more playoff clout. This would be much harder as an independent or if they stretch geographically for the SEC or BIG-10.

While it’s a few years away we could see USC, and maybe a few other PAC-12 teams, in the BIG-12. If USC is playing against Texas on a regular schedule, there is absolutely no doubt the animosity between these teams would grow and a true rivalry would be born. Of course, this still wouldn’t come close to the Red River Rivalry.

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