Jalen Hurts Weighs In On Lamb and Jeudy

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After the combine, Jalen Hurts weighed in his former team mates, Jerry Jeudy and Cee Dee Lamb. He played with Jeudy at Alabama and Lamb at Oklahoma.

I love the way Hurts handles himself in interviews. He’s confident, well spoken, and has a decent sense of humor (even if it is a bit dry sometimes). I also appreciate how he deflected the “who is better” question. He had to see that coming awhile away…

I also think he nailed the appraisal on both Lamb and Jeudy. Lamb truly is a “grown man” out there. This is exactly how I would describe someone who can run through the entire Texas secondary after he makes the catch. On the other hand, Jeudy’s route running is unparalleled. It’s safe to say he runs the best routes of all WRs in the draft. In other words, he’s a “sly cat”. This lined up pretty well with my own evaluation of Lamb and Jeudy, however, I think Lamb is has a higher ceiling.

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I’m already looking forward to the next Hurts sound bite or interview.

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