Chase Claypool Getting Legendary Comparison

The entire Notre Dame strength and conditioning staff is due a massive pay day.

Chase Claypool has been taking the NFL Combine by storm and blowing everyone away. He packed on nine pounds in a month from the Senior Bowl to the Combine and didn’t lose his speed or athleticism in the slightest. This has led to some legendary comparisons.

The comparisons are going even farther than just speed and size.

There was talk that Claypool would move to tight end and he was open to the idea. Now it looks like he could work into being the 2nd best tight end or a top receiver after his strong showing.

This also follows up the great showing from last year. Miles Boykin surprised everyone and put on a similar performance that drastically improved his draft stock.

This is a direct result of both hard work put in by Notre Dame players, but also Matt Balis and the S&C staff at Notre Dame.

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