Joe Burrow Is Getting Cocky

Joe Burrow is getting cocky and therefore putting a lot of pressure on himself to succeed in the NFL.

Since Burrow and LSU finished their Cinderella season, Burrow has sold out OBJ for handing out real money at the game, called out Alabama, and made light of his small hand size on twitter. While these things really aren’t a big deal imagine how they’d look in a year or two if Burrow doesn’t live up to the hype.

Potential Downfall

Just think of Jameis Winston, or Johnny Manziel. Winston came into the 2015 draft claiming “It’s going to be Jameis vs. Peyton Manning, Jameis vs. Tom Brady” in the Super Bowl next year. Spoiler alert, he didn’t make it to the superbowl the following year. Instead he evolved into a turnover machine.

Then you have Johnny Manziel who thought he was the big swinging you know what of the league and next thing you know he’s selling insurance.

Both of those guys went from Big Man On Campus to barely relevant. There are plenty of other college players who didn’t make a seamless transition to the NFL but they don’t get the ridicule because they weren’t so cocky walking into it.

I’m not saying Joe Burrow is on the fast track to be the next Winston or Manziel, just that he should be cautious. Yes Burrow had an amazing season but he was also surrounded by one of the most put together teams in I’ve ever seen in my life. He was supported by the best offensive line, best wide receivers, and a number of coaches that went on to get (better) job in the NFL or CFB. He’s not going to have all that when he goes to the NFL (probably to Cinci).

Burrow is a solid player but he is putting immense pressure on himself to be great. While his cockiness won’t have an effect on his success, it will affect his image if he is not successful. If he ends up flopping he won’t just fade away, he’ll crash and burn.

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