Georgia Took A Big Risk On Scott Cochran

Scott Cochran is leaving his position as Alabama’s strength and conditioning coach and is headed to Georgia for an on field position. There’s been a lot of hype around this hire, but is it really as big as it seems?

The Impact On Alabama

If you’re a Bama fan there’s no reason to think the sky is falling and Saban can’t keep his assistants. Kirby has wanted Cochran since he left Tuscaloosa and he’s just now getting him. It also doesn’t seem like Cochran is jumping ship to a team he thinks is better. It looks like he’s just making career moves. According to Nick Saban, Cochran just wanted to get on on field coaching position and Bama didn’t have any openings.

“He wanted to get on to the field coaching and would like one day, I think, to be a head coach. We didn’t really have anything here to offer him along those lines, and Georgia did. I understand him wanting to take on that path.”

Nick Saban on Scott Cochran heading to Georgia

So the sky is not falling in Tuscaloosa, but Cochran was an integral part in Alabama’s dynasty status. It’s hard to get metrics and judge the success of strength and conditioning coaches but Cochran brought a number of intangibles, mainly focused around mentality, that helped Alabama maintain greatness. This loss isn’t crippling but it definitely hurt.

The Impact On Georgia

The fact that this hire hurt Alabama in any way shape or form is probably the only guaranteed benefit for Georgia. It’s possible Georgia can reap the benefits of the intangibles Cochran brings, but that come with some risks.

Scott Cochran is considered one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the league… but that’s not what he’s coming to Georgia for. He is coming to be an on field coach – likely special teams. That means Georgia just hired someone with very little experience in their specific job function. It’s the same idea with his recruiting potential. Cochran will now be tasked with direct recruiting, which he lacks experience in.

Ok, but Cochran can probably use his knowledge of strength and conditioning to beef up Georgia, right? Maybe. First off Georgia has already been producing freak athletes, maybe not at the Ohio State level but they’ve been pretty on par with Alabama in my opinion. On top of that, if Cochran tries to come in and step on the toes of Georgia’s current strength and conditioning coach that’s just going to cause unrest in the program. Not to mention, Cochran doesn’t even want to do strength and conditioning anymore…

Scott Cochran’s Win

Alabama lost one of their spark plugs while Georgia gained an inexperienced special teams coach. Scott on the other hand got exactly what he wanted, an opportunity to advance his career and try something new. This hire is a loss for Alabama, risk for Georgia, and a major win for Scott Cochran.

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