Mel Tucker Is Exactly What MSU Needed

MSU’s Ends Their Search

MSU finally gets some good news. After a rough couple weeks, Colorado’s Mel Tucker is reportedly set to become MSU’s next head coach.

This hire was a bit surprising… Not because I think Mel Tucker is not fit for the gig (I think the opposite) but because he turned it down a few days ago.

MSU has had a chaotic year so honestly their future head coach taking the gig after turning it down a couple days ago just makes sense..

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Mel Tucker’s Resume

There’s no doubt Mel Tucker has his work cut out for him with MSU. However, with the resume he has, I’m optimistic he can pull a “Matt Rhule” and drag MSU out of the mess the former head coach created.

Tucker spent last year as the head coach of the University of Colorado where they went 5-7. While tucker only has one year of head coaching experience, he has an interesting resume.

The Ohio native was a defensive back at Wisconsin and began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Michigan State under Nick Saban. He then moved around the league as a defensive backs coach/defensive coordinator for Miami (Ohio), LSU, and Ohio State. Begging in 2005 he took a 10 year hiatus from CFB and went to the NFL. During that time he assumed a similar coaching role for the Browns, Jags, and Bears.

After returning to CFB, he served as an assistant head coach/defensive backs coach for Bama, and defensive coordinator/secondary coach for Georgia and finally head coach for Colorado.

It’s also worth noting Tucker won national championships while on staff with Ohio State and Alabama.

MSU needed someone with a “clean” background and a lot of experience. To my knowledge, Tucker has both. He’s also proved he can help win on the biggest stage. It’s clear Mel Tucker is their guy.

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