Coach DeMarco Murray Won’t Stick Around

There is no way RB Coach DeMarco Murray stays in Oklahoma for more than 2 years.

Ever since the news broke that Murray was headed to Norman, coaches and players have been raving about him. Everyone knows Murray was an absolute stud in college and the NFL. Not many people – including myself – knew how serious he was about coaching after his NFL career. While his experience is limited to one year with Arizona, Murray looks like he has the potential to be more than a RB coach and will eventually move on from OU. This isn’t breaking news, it’s the natural progression of a coach after all, but I think he will advance rather quickly.

Coach Murray

After OU grabbed Murray, his former Head Coach and Mentor at Arizona, Kevn Sumlin, had this to say. “He’s a great hire. He’s the real deal,” said Sumlin. “The only problem is I think he could be in Tennessee or L.A. in a year or two (coaching in the NFL). He’s that bright of a young coaching mind. And I don’t mean as just a running backs coach.”

It’s hard to argue with Sumlin when you see Murray interacting with his players.

Not only that but Murray is going to be a master recruiter. He jumped on the recruiting trail less than a week after his hire and already had recruits buzzing.

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It looks like DeMarco Murray is on the fast track to be a head CFB coach or NFL coach. Considering Lincoln Riley isn’t going anywhere, I’m expecting him to stick around Norman for a couple years and then move on. Only time will tell if he lives up to the hype.

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