Bill Musgrave Could Bring Cal To The Next Level

The University of California hired Bill Musgrave as their offensive coordinator on Friday. Musgrave has been an offensive coordinator for 13 seasons in the NFL.

Bill Musgrave has more than two decades worth of coaching experience. He has tutored pro bowl quarterbacks, Steve Beuerlein , Matt Ryan, and Derek Carr. Also, was the quarterback coach for Michael Vick in Atlanta with the Falcons.

Offensive Concepts

Musgrave typically runs a variation on the west coast offense, short quick passes, and swing passes to the running backs. He loves running the zone-blocking scheme, which requires the running back to have excellent vision to see the cut back lanes. Musgrave likes to run multiple passing concepts out of the same set to attack whatever the defense gives him.

While Musgrave was with the Oakland Raiders, he led a Raiders offense that ranked 4th in passing and 16th in rushing. The Raiders were a heavy pass offense that had two 1,00 yard receivers. Also, the Raiders had three running backs that had 400 plus yards. With the Raiders, Musgrave used some of Chip Kelly’s spread system from his time with Kelly in Philadelphia. and mixed it with his traditional offense. Under Kelly Musgrave was introduced to the vertical switch concept.

Terrance Banks

Musgrave loved the vertical switch concept while with the Raiders. Which is a vertical stretch pass that attacks the exchange between the corners by either forcing them to swap defenders or they collide into each other.

Musgrave can adapt to many difference quarterbacks, but mobile quarterback is excellent for his system with all the play-action and bootlegs he likes to call. In 2016 Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had an MVP like season under Musgrave and has not looked the same since he left.

I think Musgrave is an excellent hire for Cal. He will bring a great offensive system that will confuse opposing college defenses. Musgrave will also bring a multi-dimensional system so you can’t key on one thing on his offense. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to the college level but I’m very optimistic. Assuming Cal can supply Musgrave with the talent to dit his system, Cal could very easily compete with PAC-12 powerhouse like Oregon and Utah.

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