Don’t Blame Refs For Ohio State Loss

The Clemson – Ohio State game became one of the best games of the year. After a quick lead by Ohio State, Clemson slowly chipped away and took a lead late in the game. The two traded points late and Justin Fields threw an interception in the endzone to end the game.This game featured the two best teams in college football and was incredible start to finish. But blaming the refs is the wrong finger to point, Ohio State beat themselves.

Mental Mistakes

Love it or hate it, that was targeting that led to Clemson’s first touchdown. The roughing the punter call was also as clear as could be. Then there was the dropped screen pass in the redzone that would have been a touchdown or the failure to get more than a field goal multiple times inside the 20 yard line. Then we can look at Ryan Day deciding to punt instead of going for the win at the end of the game. That decision ended in the defense giving up a touchdown on a 94 yard drive by Clemson. Giving the best player in college football a chance to win the game may have been their biggest mistake of all.

Ohio State made coaching mistakes and mental errors throughout the game. They were the better team but Clemson did what elite teams do, they took advantage of mistakes and capitalized. If not for a miscommunication on the last play, Ohio State is likely moving on to a National Championship. However as disappointing as it is, Ohio State isn’t going anywhere.

Ryan Day was out coaching the best defensive coordinator for the first half. He made some head scratching decisions but he is a rookie head coach that brought this team to a 13-0 record and a last second playoff loss to Clemson.

The loss doesn’t make things easier to self reflect but the there is far more to blame Ohio State’s loss on than the refs. This should be a learning experience and make Ohio State better moving forward towards 2020.

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