Kentucky Finally Gets National Praise

Earlier this week Kentucky’s Punter received National Praise from ESPN personality Cole Cubelic.

Cole Cubelic

During his time as an Auburn offensive lineman, Cole Cubelic helped create running lanes for Heath Evans, Rudi Johnson and a young Ronnie Brown (six carries). Nowadays most people millennial aged and younger know him as an SEC Network analyst and sideline reporter and radio co-host on the 3 Man Front on WJOX 94.5 FM in Birmingham and central Alabama.

Audiences have grown accustomed to Cubelic coming into their homes on the prime time Saturday night SEC game of the week where he adds his O-line perspective and insights  to Tom Hart and Jordan Rodgers’ commentary from the booth.

He also appears on numerous regional and national radio shows and drops knowledge. When he’s speaking on the intricacies of offensive line play or giving his evaluation of a player you definitely want to listen. You will definitely learn something.

Max Duffy

Earlier this week on the 3 Man Front was just another example of this. Interestingly, he was dropping knowledge on Kentucky punter, Max Duffy.

Now that you know who Cubelic was talking about, here’s some of what he said. He paused, as if he knew he was about to compromise his integrity and core values as a former offensive lineman. His honest analysis took over and he pushed all of his chips to the table and said:

When you have a legitimate athlete at punter like the do at Kentucky.

Cole Cubelic

He then marveled at all of the things that Duffy was able to do, his ability to run and execute fake punts, his accuracy kicking on the run, his fearlessness when required to make tackles. He also said that Duffy deserved to win the Ray Guy Award.

The audio isn’t available currently. If it was I would have inserted it into this blog. But it was definitely cool to hear how much high praise Cubelic had for Duffy. It was well deserved.

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