Notre Dame Needs to Start Jurkovec

The regular season has finished and Notre Dame wrapped up another 10 win season. The Michigan collapse left a bad taste but overall this was another great season. 10+ win year, big recruits coming in and plenty of returning talent for next year, including Phil Jurkovec. While this season didn’t end in a playoff berth or a NY6 bowl, there is still valuable practice time to take advantage of.

Looking Ahead

Notre Dame is projected for a likely Camping World bowl game. It isn’t a bowl game that comes with prestige or a massive amount of coverage. However this is a great opportunity for development and extra practice.

Notre Dame has an opportunity to win a bowl game, but more important is the prospect of a playoff next season. Notre Dame returns a ton of talent and it is time to give Jurkovec his time.

Ian Book had his moments and he failed to seize the opportunity. You can yell about stats or point out his fantastic completion percentage or you can look a bit deeper. Not only is Ian Book not great against good teams, he disappears.

Here is some stats in case you missed my last article

Passing YardsTouchdownsInterceptions
Ranked Teams
(4 teams)
169.5 yards a game1.5
Winning Record
(7 teams)
213 yards a game1.7.57
Teams w/ Losing
259 yards per game4.2.4

Players will obviously have better stats against bad teams. Ian Book doesn’t have a dip in his stats, he falls off a cliff. Completion percentage is also great until you watch him throw a pass to the flats that gains anywhere from -1 yard to 1 yard.

I’m not here to claim Jurkovec as a savior or the next Brady Quinn, but the former top 100 overall player doesn’t deserve a little more playing time? He still makes some young mistakes but we have seen some impressive plays and he needs game reps to work some kinks out.

Notre Dame knows what they have with Ian Book. He will beat most teams ranked from 50-130. That isn’t a bad thing for most college football quarterbacks. The problem is Notre Dame isn’t most college football programs.

Ian Book didn’t progress in year two and may have even taken a step back. It wasn’t until he started beating up on some sub .500 teams that he looked impressive the last few weeks. So why run this back again in year three?

Book carved out a nice career for himself. I wish him the best and with a solid team and a great QB coach, Ian Book could become something one day. The issue is Brian Kelly can’t develop a QB. So Book is a game manager that has failed to develop and was a three star out of high school. He doesn’t push the ball down the field, he isn’t an athletic freak, he can’t pick a defense apart and he makes bad reads. to reiterate, why run this back in year three?

Notre Dame will roll out Ian Book and start him the entire bowl game and give him most of the reps in practice. They are going to waste Phil Jurkovec’s eligibility and patience with the program and Notre Dame will fail to get it done in 2020. Give Jurkovec what is essentially a meaningless game against a quality opponent and a few weeks to prepare as QB 1.

Hell, give me Brendon Clark if you like. A game manager may work at Auburn or Georgia, clearly it isn’t working at Notre Dame. They finally started pulling in elite talent, use it.

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