The Oregon Ducks’ PAC-12 Dilemma

PAC-12 To The Natty

Would Oregon losing the PAC-12 championship actually be best for them in the long run?

Utah only has one loss on the season, coming against USC on the road. While USC isn’t necessarily a top 10 team, one loss is better than two. Their playoff hopes are exponentially better than Oregon’s right now. The best chance the PAC-12 has at making the playoffs lies with Utah.

This is a big deal because since the CFP started in 2014, the PAC-12 has only made 2 appearances. This has led to a lack of respect for the PAC-12 among power 5 conferences.

A PAC-12 team making it to the CFP is a much needed win for the whole conference. Instead of cannibalizing itself, the PAC-12 would actually earn some respect.

This would benefit Oregon down the road next time its on the playoff bubble. Their reputation wouldn’t necessarily help them as much as an SEC team (looking at you bama), but it definitely wouldn’t hinder them like it appears to be doing now. Imagine if Utah went on to win the whole thing, that would surely boost everyone in the PAC-12 and make a lost conference championship easier to swallow for the Ducks.

Oregon’s Conference Hopes

With all of that said, it doesn’t make sense for Oregon to just roll over. Far from it. Although it would be a good look for the PAC-12, Oregon has a lot to gain from a conference championship.

Right now, fans, analysts, and most importantly recruits, might be up in the air about Oregon’s 2019 season. Their loss to Auburn was surely respectable, but they desperately need to prove that ASU loss was a fluke.

A conference championship would be huge for recruiting competition among the PAC-12. Recruits are much more apt to overlooking the ASU loss and choose Oregon over Utah if Oregon redeems themselves this week.

Another conference championship would also confirm Mario Cristobal is their guy. There was already hype and a sense of optimism when Mario Cristobal took over. Non living up to the hype could have negative implications for Cristobal and the stability of this team.

Lastly, the seniors deserve this. Talking about what’s best for the PAC-12 is great but these kids play for their school. A conference championship would be a great send off for the talented class led by Justin Herbert.

What Do You Think?

There’s a strong possibility even if Utah wins, it might not be enough to sway the Playoff committee. While sacrificing one game for the betterment of the PAC-12 might sound like a good idea, it’s probably not in Oregon’s best interest.

That being said, how do you think the Championship will play out, and will it even matter in terms of cracking into the Playoffs?

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