Malzahn Absolutely Embarrassed Saban In The Iron Bowl

Like many others, I’m still reeling over Alabama’s loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Flat out, Saban was out-coached by Malzahn. Even the talking head Paul Finebaum agreed.

“The greatest coach in college football has been out-coached in his last three significant games,” Finebaum said. “You guys know the stats as I say them. I mean, he’s lost two out of three to Dabo (Swinney) — that’s a fact. He’s lost two out of three to Gus Malzahn and that’s the one that is difficult, I think, for a lot of people to digest. I mean, here’s a coach who was not particularly popular”.

Iron Bowl Botch

The most embarrassing part of this loss was this penalty at the end of the game.

Alabama forced Auburn to the 4th down in the last minute of the game. If they received a punt from Auburn, they had a chance. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t happen.

Due to a clever formation by Auburn, officials flagged Bama for having too many men on the field before the play. Thus, giving Auburn a game-sealing first down.

“We were just trying to find ways to keep [Waddle] off the field in that moment,” Malzahn said. “We felt like if we get the defense [we want to see], we can kick it and flip the field.”

It’s even better knowing that Saban was upset about it afterward.

Sorry Saban but I don’t see how it’s unfair. His argument is the refs should’ve given him more time to sub, because Auburn had the punter at receiver. But why? Auburn can line up however they want.

There is always next year Saban.

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