3 Things The Georgia Bulldogs Should Be Thankful For

As we all gather with our families for Thanksgiving, we tend to realize all that we are thankful for. Whether it’s the food, being around family, or just making memories, it’s easy to take these things for granted.

As football fans, it’s also easy to take things for granted, and the UGA faithful has been very guilty of this. Lately, Georgia has won some big games in ugly fashion. But why complain? Sometimes you just need to be thankful for what your team is doing.

3. Coach Sam Pittman

Georgia has based its identity on playing hard nosed, old school football. They want to establish the line of scrimmage and basically run the ball down the defenses throat. Sam Pittman has recruited at a high level and has built what people around the college football world call “The Great Wall of Georgia”. Georgia is so deep at offensive line right now, that they could put 3 totally different offensive lines on the field and it would be loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits. Pittman may be the best recruiter in the nation and UGA should be thankful.

2. Jake Fromm

I understand that he hasn’t been nearly as good this season as he has in the past. Some of it is his fault. Some of it is not. Fromm gets compared to Justin Fields and I honestly don’t think it’s fair. Ohio State runs an offense in which Fields can succeed in. Georgia wasn’t a great fit for Fields. Georgia fans tend to bash Fromm (me included). But is it fair? Fromm has done nothing but win since he stepped into Athens. He’s 34-6, has 3 division titles, an SEC title, a playoff win, and had UGA in position to win a national championship. Georgia could be a lot worse off without Jake Fromm.

1. Success

For the third straight season, Georgia finds themselves in the driver’s seat to make a playoff push during Thanksgiving week. They have won 3 SEC East titles in a row. Yet that’s not good enough for a lot of fans. Georgia’s offense is fairly bashed on a weekly basis but the defense has been phenomenal. Still I see Georgia fans talking about how the Dawgs aren’t good and will get shredded by LSU. But Dawgnation, take a minute to think how many programs would love to be in the same shoes. Be thankful that you’re not watching your team play meaningless football in November. Enjoy the success. Be thankful you’re not Auburn and having to watch your 2 biggest rivals beat up on you every year and then battle it out on a national level.

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