It’s Time The NCAA Gives Us A Division-1A Football Tournament!

It’s high time the NCAA does away with the archaic bowl system and gives us the football tournament we deserve. For years now the NCAA, BCS, and others have tinkered with how best to crown a national champion. During this entire time we have also been told that college team’s play too many games.

I say bologna.


I have never understood why Division 1-A cannot play a real tournament. Every other division of college football plays a winner take all national championship tournament. Could someone please explain to me why Alabama and Clemson couldn’t play in the same format as North Dakota State and James Madison? This past week the selection committee filled out the FCS brackets which you can see below.

Why Not?

Now I can already hear the big school fans say it will cause the champions to play too many games. However, I would point out that both North Dakota State and Clemson each finished last year with identical 15-0 records.

As it stands, smaller conference champions have zero chance at a National Championship no matter how good they are. Currently the FCS holds a 24 team tournament each and every year. That would provide plenty of room for each conference winner and a healthy amount of at-large bids to fill out the field. Who knows just how good UCF, Boise State, Utah, and other recent small conference undefeated squads really were? A tournament would allow them and others a fair shot at the crown.

Sure the little guys are likely never going to win but the games they do win will be legendary. Who doesn’t love seeing the upset in the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Imagine that format with our favorite sport on the center stage. Games can be played at neutral site venues with the very same bowl sponsors on a rotating basis by year. It’s time for a change. Give us the tournament we deserve.

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