Jake Fromm And The Offense Are Running Out Of Time

Fromm And The Offense Struggle

Georgia escapes with a win but it was another ugly win. Two things are pretty established for the Georgia Bulldogs: 1) the defense is elite and, 2) Jake Fromm and the offense are average at best.

Georgia has played nine power five opponents and only broke 30+ points twice. After another dud against Texas A&M, the narrative pushes on and more questions loom around Jake Fromm.

Jake Fromm went 11/23 47.8% 163 yards 1 touchdown – That is an unimpressive stat line to say the least. You also can’t blame it on a great Texas A&M defense because they gave up 27 to Arkansas, 30 to Mississippi State and 28 to Auburn.

The excuse all season has been the lack of experience at the receiver position and Fromm doesn’t have the help around him. While their is some validity to that point, they have almost an entire season of experience.

Time Is Running Out

Let’s not forget, LSU is also waiting for their shot at Georgia in the SEC title game. While an elite offense and elite defense will meet in the SEC championship, look a step further. Assuming Georgia beats LSU they would need an offensive revival if they wanted to compete in the playoff. The lowest score the winning team had in a championship game in the play era was Alabama with 26. I’m sure Georgia fans are all too familiar with that game.

All of this will be meaningless if they can’t get past LSU first. To get past LSU will take some offense because you can slow them down but Joe Burrow has been lighting everyone up. Jake Fromm was considered one of the best QB’s in the entire country coming in to this season. Now more people are calling him a game manager and more questions are starting to arise. Fromm has one last tune up game against Georgia Tech to try and get the offense on the right track.

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