All Aboard The Pruitt Hype Train

If you’re not behind Coach Pruitt at this point, the only person’s time you’re wasting is your own. I’m a firm believer in giving a coach a minimum of 3-5 years to establish their culture. Here at the end of year 2, Pruitt has 100% earned my vote. I couldn’t be more excited to see where this program is going.

You have to love his passion for the program

There has been a bunch of back and forth about Coach Pruitt’s actions. The fact that people are getting upset with him due to being strict on his players is absolutely ridiculous. For those who haven’t heard the outcry, there have been two instances of Pruitt grabbing players after major mistakes. Once with Guarantano at Alabama, and the most recent with Shamburger at Missouri.

In my opinion, neither of these instances deserve the backlash they have sparked. This is football, these guys are going out there and knocking heads every play. A little tug or pull here or there isn’t going to hurt anything. These players understand their coach and they know that Pruitt’s reaction was warranted. This is a part of the game, you mess up, discipline follows, you move on. If he were abusing them then that’s another story, but what I see is a passionate coach. The passion that he shows there is the same passion he shows when chewing out the refs for blowing calls.

He earned his respect

Yes, the team did have a couple questionable losses to start the season out, coming off a rough 5-7 season. But if you’ve truly watched the whole season, you will have seen a transformed team running through that Power T. You will see the recruits that he is bringing in that are only going to add fuel to this program. Between this huge turnaround, and more than doubling his conference wins from last season, he’s earned our respect. This has earned him a chance to show what he has been trying to build.

Get on before it’s too late

So I’ll leave with this, you either get on now, your don’t at all. It was a bit of a roller coaster this season, but is finishing strong. I will tell you one thing, this program is about to take off. If you’re not on board with this team sitting at 8-5 (after beating Vandy and winning a bowl game). Then you shouldn’t be on when wins reach double digits and we become contenders again.

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