Ohio State Showing Weakness

Ohio State had been dismantling teams all season long. Wisconsin was the only team that was truly talented on the Ohio State schedule. However, this was a great week to prove they are the best team in the country. Even after their top 10 win, Ohio State is showing weaknesses.

Playoff in Sight

Before I dig deep I want to be clear, Ohio State is still the best team in the country. There are just issues that were masked while they beat the brakes off teams like Maryland.

The defense is one of the best in the country and their offense has proved they can score at will. These units are also under great leadership in Chase Young, and J. K. Dobbins respectively. The problem is Ohio State showed some inconsistency against Penn State. Their inability to play all four quarters almost cost them the game.

You can chalk it up to a fluke or the weather, but there were real moments of concern for Buckeye fans. Penn State’s two touchdowns in less than 30 seconds had fans on the edge of their seat in the second half. It was the first time all year the second half was in doubt. It ended with Ohio State holding off Penn State and they moved on.

All of this has to make you look ahead to the playoffs. What would happen if Ohio State played like this against Clemson or Georgia?

The offense going stagnant for a few drives or the defense giving up some yards or a touchdown will happen in every game. But sloppy play and turnovers against a good offense could all but put you out of the game.

Penn State has been horrible offensively all season. So Ohio State can survive a few turnovers knowing the Nittany Lions can’t drive the field on an elite defense.

The playoff is starting to look like it will be Ohio State vs Clemson in the first round. If they can get past Clemson then you can give Ohio State the trophy. It won’t be easy though, Clemson is almost as complete from the top down as Ohio State. They also have a roster full of playoff experience from the last few seasons. Ryan Day and Justin Fields have a whole new experience ahead of them and if they play like they did against Penn State, it will be a long day.

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