Alabama’s Playoff Hopes are Dead

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a hip injury during Saturday’s game against Mississippi State and was taken off the field on a cart, according to ESPN, via’s John Talty

Tagovailoa, who Talty noted was “screaming in pain,” will undergo X-rays to determine the extent of the injury, according to ESPN, per’s Charlie Potter.

Via Bleacher Report

What a down fall for the Crimson Tide. The loss to LSU made it tough for Alabama to make the playoffs, but not impossible. Now it looks like their hopes are all but dead.

Alabama had an incredibly weak schedule up until the LSU game. The loss still has people pointing out that Alabama hasn’t gotten good win to this point. The best win would have to be an underachieving Texas A&M.

All year the defense was the liability and the offense dismantled everyone. Now that Tua is out, Alabama playoff hopes are dead.

The tests haven’t come back yet and Alabama still has a few weeks before a match up with Auburn. But if this is the end for Tua, Alabama will have a tough sell to the committee on why they belong.

Update: Tua is out for the season. You hate to see it.

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