New Details Emerge On Chase Young’s Suspension

The plot thickens as more details emerge on Chase Young’s suspension.

This all started November 8th when Ohio State confirmed that Chase Young was suspended indefinitely for a potential NCAA violation.

The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman, who also works for FOX Sports, said sources are telling him that it stems from a loan for the Rose Bowl.

“Sources told me that the issue actually stems from last December when Chase Young borrowed money from a family friend to fly his girlfriend out to California for the Rose Bowl,” Feldman said on FOX Sports. “Now, I’m told he paid that money back in April. Sources said that the family friend in question who loaned him the money is not an agent and not a booster. That’s a significant detail as the NCAA begins to try and sort all this out.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Was this loan from a “family friend” like they claim or from a booster? How much money was involved and was it really paid back?

I’m not optimistic about Chase Young and Ohio State’s innocence here. You’re naive to think boosters (from around the league) don’t front these kind of bills all the time. It just looks like Ohio State got caught.

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10:34 am EST 11/9/2019 Update

Per Kirk Herbstreit, Ohio State is expecting a 4 game suspension for Young. The Buckeye’s are planning to appeal the potential ban.

5:01 pm EST 11/13/2019 Update

The NCAA has reduced the suspension of Ohio State Defensive End Chase Young to two games.

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