No Need to Question Kendall This Week

I’ve been critical of Austin Kendall for most of the season. He has little help and the offensive line has been pretty hit and miss. More miss than hit really. But I have to defend him this week as I see him getting even more push back after the Oklahoma loss.

15 of 31 for 182¬†yards and two touchdowns isn’t some eye popping numbers, but he actually started strong. The first half closed with West Virginia down 28-14 and seeing what Oklahoma has been doing to teams this year, that’s a solid half.

It would be easy to point out that Kendall was average at best again or blame him for more offensive woes. But Kendall deserves some slack this week.

Lincoln Riley knows Austin Kendall just about as well as anyone. The Oklahoma defense turned a corner in the Texas game and this was a return to his old team. The deck was stacked against Kendall and once again had very little help.

I stand in the camp that Kendall isn’t the answer moving forward. The season is all about building towards the future as Neal Brown builds a contender. It has to be concerning that no other QB can really work his way into the mix. Questioning Coach Brown isn’t necessary, he has a proven track record of a successful rebuild. Whether we like it or not, Kendall is the guy for the foreseeable future.

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