Is Jalen Hurts’ Redzone Decision Making A Problem?

Hurts did notched over 300 total yards and 4 TDs in OU’s win over Texas, but it wasn’t his best performance. While his stats were still impressive, Hurts was also responsible for 2 critical redzone turnovers.

Turnovers In Dallas

Hurts had a fumble at the Texas 7-yard line after a 27-yard dash and later threw an interception in the end zone while trying to force the ball into traffic.

The main issue with these turnovers was the time and place. Both turnovers absolutely crushed Oklahoma’s momentum while the game was tight. For that reason, fans are beginning to wonder: Is Jalen Hurts’ redzone decision making a problem?

The answer is… no – stop overreacting.

Hurts Is More Than Capable

You do not have to worry about a guy with over 1,700 yards, 17 TDS, 3 INT, and 1 fumble on the year. Hurts is leading an offense that’s 31/34 (91.18%) in red zone conversions. Of those 31 conversions, 24 resulted in TDs. It’s pretty easy to see Hurts is no stranger to the red zone. 2 mistakes in a high rivalry game does not define a player.

In addition to that, Hurts’ knows there’s room for improvement.

“I will say I definitely didn’t put the team in the greatest and best situations, but the key about that is ‘we.’ We found ways to overcome it. We had each other’s back,” Hurts said. “Obviously, every possession you want it to end in a kick (field goal or PAT).

“There’s a lot to learn from the game. I definitely think this team showed some perseverance and showed some mental toughness. We kind of overcame a lot of adversity as a group. It wasn’t a complete game but definitely another step in the right direction.”


I’m not worried about Hurts’ decision making and neither should you. If these high pressure situation turnovers become more common then maybe we can revisit it. For now, this was simply a few mistakes in a big game that got magnified because we’re all used to seeing him play near perfect.

Are you worried about Hurts’ red zone decision making?

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