Ehlinger Had No Help In Loss

Drops, penalties, poor protection and lack of a consistent run game. He wasn’t perfect by any means but Ehlinger but Texas didn’t do their star QB any favors.

Oklahoma deserves credit for the solid defense but they are not a team typically capable of nine sacks. Texas put up a valiant effort on defense, but they beat themselves.

Now with two losses on the year it looks like Texas will miss the playoffs. It isn’t a sure thing but this loss will likely be to steep a hill to climb. Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State are likely to finish undefeated. Now Oklahoma should have a cake walk to the Big 12 Championship.

Texas still has a lot of season left and weird things happen in college football. But this is just another example of Texas struggling to win a big game. Tom Herman has done a hell of a job cleaning up the mess left and making Texas relevant again. However he needs to take the next step.

The LSU loss is a tough one but acceptable. This loss is not as close as the score looks. It’s time for Texas to take the next step instead of hovering around very good and become elite. Ehlinger has the ability to be the next great Texas quarterback. But an inconsistent run game and receivers that pull off a disappearing act won’t get it done. Take advantage of a sensational QB before he is off to the NFL.

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