A QB Controversy Looming for Mountaineers

West Virginia dropped another game Saturday against Iowa State. But one thing is becoming clear, this is a talented team.

While the score looks pretty bad, it was the result of 24 unanswered points in the second half by Iowa State. The Mountaineers were pretty banged up by the time the final whistle sounded and depth was a major issue. But the first half was competitive and West Virginia was in it despite losing their starting QB. But in his absence it gave Allison a chance to shine.

Reopening the QB Battle

Kendall was the leader of this team and he was going in to a new system with a depleted offense. His back was against the wall and he had little help to get things moving for Neal Brown and West Virginia.

Kendall was able to make some plays and find ways to win early in the year. But he also had a tendency to play West Virginia out of a winning spot. The Mountaineers were hanging tight with Texas for most of the game and the defense has played well. Kendall wasn’t able to keep up and West Virginia couldn’t overcome his multiple turnovers as Texas pulled away.

This is where Allison could be best.

Kendall has been a 67% completion passer which is very solid. but he also has seven interceptions to nine touchdowns. This West Virginia defense has been better than expected but all of the turnovers will cause any good defense to buckle.

While Allison wasn’t perfect by any means, coming off the bench, completing 75% of his passes and taking his first drive down the field shows potential.

Whoever is running the Mountaineer offense doesn’t have to be Will Grier. The defense has been capable of holding teams in check. Someone that can methodically move a team down the field or avoid costly turnovers could be enough to steal a few wins.

Kendall could become a great QB but his gunslinger mentality only works with weapons around him. Unfortunately for him they are few and far between on this West Virginia roster.

For a team that needs to play perfect to steal a few wins, they can’t afford reckless play and multiple interception games. West Virginia wasn’t expected to be in play for a NY6 game or a conference championship. But I think it shows that they are better than most thought after the last two weeks. The Mountaineers hung around with two of the best teams in the Big 12. For a team that most wrote off, that has to be worth something.

West Virginia could steal some wins this year and turn this season into a springboard for future success. Kendall can put up numbers but he also has an ability to unravel and play West Virginia out of games.

Allison could be a more calming and safer approach to the offense.

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