Texas’ Foster Has No Right Threatening Jalen Hurts

B.J. Foster Is A Clown

According to 247sports, Texas’ Nickel back B.J. Foster had some choice words for Oklahoma’s Jalen hurts this week.

“He’s not dumb,” Foster said. “He’s gonna have to slide, or it’s not gonna be good for him.”

First of all, who is this guy? He’s got a lot of nerve talking smack as A safety/CB on one of the worst secondaries in the country. The guy had three tackles and an INT last week against one of the worst teams in the big 12 (WVU) and all of the sudden he thinks he can talk trash? I’m not impressed. His secondary is letting up 325 yards per game, he should be focusing on that.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he chose the wrong target. He called out THE best running QB in the league that also happens to be 6′ 2″, 220lbs. Hurts’ dual threat ability has made him a serious Heisman candidate on the nations second ranked offense. How can you call someone out with 499 rushing yards and seven touchdowns on 57 attempts?

You really want to talk trash to a guy like this?

This is also coming from a team who had a harmless hand gesture banned because it hurts their feelings. Tom Herman is a grade A weenie for crying about the “horns down” gesture and now he’s a hypocrite too. He pleads for sportsmanship and respect from the big 12 but apparently doesn’t hold his players to the same standard.

This B.J. guy is a clown but would you expect anything else from a Texas player? I’m all for trash talk, especially heading into the RRR, but this kid has absolutely nothing on Jalen Hurts. Horns Down. Boomer Sooner.

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