Sooners Won’t Be Throwing Horns Down At RRR

According to the big man himself, Oklahoma players will NOT be throwing horns down this week at the Red River Rivalry.

Earlier today, Lincoln Riley was asked how he’ll address the “Horns Down” issue with his team for Saturday’s Red River Rivalry.

Riley simply said, “Our players won’t do it.”

Earlier this week I expressed my disapproval of Oklahoma’s Spirit Coordinator, Phil O’Neil, telling the cheer squad, RUF/NEKS, Lil’ Sis and mascots programs, they can’t use the gesture. While I stand by what I said, I also stand by Lincoln Riley.

Whether or not we agree with it, we know the horns down gesture on the field will likely generate a penalty. Considering Oklahoma’s issues with penalties this season, I think this is the right call by Lincoln Riley. With that said, I didn’t hear anything about penalties generated by fans and cheer squads so I still think O’Neill is a grade A weenie. Although, if he’s trying to protect OU from a penalty maybe I’ll cut ’em some slack.

Fortunately, I can’t generate a penalty from my couch so I’ll be throwing horns down the whole game. Hell, I might even wear my horns down t-shirt.

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