What Happened to Manny Diaz?

Miami was in a rebuild cleaning up after the Mark Richt era but this has been disappointing. The offense has been a disaster all season and Diaz is a defensive coach, so that will take time. However the defense fell apart against Virginia Tech.

It’s always tough to judge a coach in year one. But Diaz has been with the program and the team just looks poorly coached. Stupid penalties and mistakes have hampered the team. Seven sacks, 11 penalties and five turnovers is unacceptable.

Virginia Tech is one of the worst teams in the ACC. Despite the offense doing everything in their power to lose this game, Miami still hung around. Flat out, Miami shouldn’t lose a game like this and brings up even more questions moving forward.

If the Hurricanes can’t beat a shell of a Virginia Tech team, what will happen in the rest of ACC play? Virginia, Florida State, Louisville, Pitt and Duke are all capable of beating that Miami team from last night.

If Diaz can’t right the ship recruits will respond accordingly. As I mentioned earlier, it is still year one and he needs to clean up a mess. But there are no excuses for Miami to commit 11 penalties in a game. The offensive line won’t be fixed overnight but the team needs to step up. Quitting on the year could result in one of the worst seasons in over a decade and have long term ramifications.

It’s time to change the narrative Manny Diaz

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