Sooner Secondary Lacks Discipline Heading Into RRR

Oklahoma vs Kansas

Oklahoma moves on to 5-0 after a 45-20 win over Kansas this weekend. While Oklahoma’s offense was off to a slow start (7-7 after the first quarter, yikes), they came around like we knew they would. Overall I’m still unsure how I feel about the game but I do know that the Sooner secondary lacked discipline.

Oklahoma’s defense allowed their second highest opposing point total in a contest this season.

In the first quarter, Kansas scored off a 22 yard pass to Daylon Charlot that shredded OU’s secondary. The rest of the points came in the fourth quarter. Two more TD’s in the air; one 39 yard pass and a 24 yard pass in the final 10 minutes of the game. Kansas’ TDs are highlighted below at 0:00, 1:51, and 2:36.

Oklahoma @ Kansas 2019 Highlights

The fact that: 1) all of these points came from of Kansas’ passing game, and 2) the majority of these points came at the end of the game, indicates a lack of discipline in OU’s secondary.

Grinch on the Sooners Secondary

I wasn’t the only one who noticed this though. Alex Grinch had this to say when asked about the passing defense late in the game:

Well we didn’t do a very good job as coaches. That always comes back to us. We got to do a good job of convincing these guys how appropriate and important it is to finish. They don’t timestamp your rep with a score, and so if you take your performance personal in terms of playing appropriate technique, and then you’re not immune to it. Not suggesting that there is perfect technique that we got to execute. I don’t believe that’s the case. We got to do a better job at convincing these guys how important and how personal that their performance is, one, on an individual basis, let’s be selfish, let’s be selfish enough to not have that clip late in a football game. And from a team standpoint, let’s make sure we wouldn’t do that to our football team. I want to finish the right way. This team has an expectation, and my teammates expect me to get it done for s60 minutes. Been a major emphasis, about 60 minutes, and was disappointed that we didn’t quite get that done.

Alex Grinch

The Issue?

The late game lack of discipline does worry me going into the RRR next week. If our secondary is giving up these late game plays to Carter Stanley, how will they do against Sam Ehlinger? On the other hand this could just be the look-ahead game mentality that wouldn’t necessarily affect their play in the RRR, but this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed a lack of discipline in the defense. Either way, It looks like Grinch is aware of the issue and will be addressing it this week.

Let Us Know

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