Purple Kelly or Bust

As he saunters onto the field, glistening golden helmets in tow, it appears he’s attending a poetry reading as opposed to a battle.  10 long years, of highs and lows, mostly lows, with a few displays of excellence peppered in for good measure. The quintessential bridesmaid, never the bride.

Continual crushing losses on the big stage, the revolving door of QBs whose confidence we watch slowly decline from week to week, that can’t make it in the pros. His lackadaisical presence on the sideline each and every week infects the players like a cancer, as they come out flat and uninspired. 

 This is ND under Brian Kelly. 

Kelly’s tenure is best summarized as the Advocacy for Apathy. Much like his presence at the presser for the College Football Playoff Semifinal, as Dabo and Nick dominated, Kelly quietly waited in the wings for the crumbs of attention the media would give him, hell, even Riley had a commanding presence. Not Brian. I knew at that moment we’d be embarrassed yet again. That the critics we heard all season would say “I told you ND didn’t belong”.  

Long gone are the light a fire under their asses, inspirational halftime speeches which Lou was famous for. Instead, as the golden helmets congregate in the locker room, trailing a #18 Virginia, Kelly’s rallying call is “rely on each other”. Say what??  If you can’t be motivational, then hold them accountable: call out Finke for quitting on his routes, the OL for continually collapsing around Book, and Ian for not showing up.

But no, we get let’s hold hands and sing kumbaya around the campfire. It was Lea, not Kelly, that made the necessary adjustments to shut down the passing juggernaut and beat Virginia. 

I mourn the loss of Purple Kelly. When he’d cuss out the kids on the sideline, threaten the lives of refs for a bad call. That was a man that believed, that had passion, a warrior. Oh, but after the media crucified him, we’re left with the kinder gentler Kelly, the man who hands out participation trophies by naming not two or three, but seven captains. The self-imposed CEO that looks as uncomfortable as a whore in church when posing with the players in ridiculously staged photo ops, desperately trying to appear “woke”, has become a conformist.   

The ND faithful have waited long enough for Our Lady’s return to glory. ND is consistently mediocre under Kelly. He’s merely winning enough to keep his job and dethrone the real men of ND- Lou and Rockne’s legacy.

Perhaps it’s the “older generation” that recalls such legends- Leahy, Ara and Lou, when ND was a powerhouse, and a school to be proud of, to be reckoned with. No kids, ND football did not begin in 1988, in fact, that marked the beginning of the end. 

I can hear the BK lovers now, but his record! He took us to the Playoffs!  As for his record- anyone that sticks around for a decade with our talent, will amass W’s- yes, even the blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.  And for last year….. had FSU, Stanford or U$C been half the team they usually are, we would not have gone undefeated. 

2021. His contract is over. The excuse of “who would replace him” and the demand for a turnkey proven winner is no longer an adequate reason to keep mediocrity. Do your job, Jack. Think outside the box. But most importantly, bring us a man that fits the ND mold- the mindset, that drinks the Kool Aid- God, Country, Notre Dame. A fighter on and off the field, a man of conviction. A man that will return Our Lady to the glory she and the players deserve. A man who dares to get Purple. 

3 thoughts on “Purple Kelly or Bust

  1. This is a DESPICABLE article and should be removed!! How disgusting!!! I am gold and blue through and through, and I resent the tone of this article. Either get ON THE SHIP or jump. We don’t need articles that sound like they were written by our rivals. SHAMEFUL.

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