Concerns Growing for Tigers

Clemson seems to be in the post title lull. For a team that was coming off dismantling their playoff foes, Dabo’s squad hasn’t had the same fire of last season. Even more head scratching is the struggles of Trevor Lawrence.

Lawrence has the best offense in the country around him and he is still a future high first round draft pick. Lawrence is also still learning as he is only a true Sophomore but it is still a bit surprising for the high amount of interceptions so far.

For all of the ups and downs of the year, concerns have to be on the rise. Clemson will sleep walk to the playoff as the ACC is the weakest conference in the power five. UNC was a two point conversion away from a possible massive upset and Texas A&M kind of hung around. But the problem is really with A&M being not nearly what we expected and UNC is surprisingly better but still not a great team. It isn’t Clemson’s fault that the ACC is down and A&M is just above a dumpster fire, but you would still like to see some blowouts.

It also puts their backs up against the wall if they do slip up. In recent years Clemson lost to Syracuse and Pitt. If they have another slip to a Wake Forest or South Carolina, it could cost them a playoff spot. Looking at the list of teams shows there is very little room for error.

  • Alabama
  • LSU
  • Georgia
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio State
  • Wisconsin
  • Notre Dame
  • Texas

All of the teams listed sit undefeated outside of Texas and Notre Dame. It is a long season but Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio State could all finish the year undefeated. With an SEC bias and what will likely be a host of 11-1 teams, Clemson can’t afford to lose a single game.

If they can’t get corrected and slip up again, Clemson could be on the outside looking in.

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