Jalen Hurts Is Cold Blooded

Like his former coach, Nick Saban, Jalen Hurts is not a fan of focusing on positive media headlines.

Hurts has reffered to such praise from the media – even his own program’s Instagram post- as “rat poison” on more than one occasion.

Does that sound familiar?

Now, some people think Hurts it’s being too critical. While reffering to praise as “rat poison” may be a bit over the top, Hurts has the right mind set.

Hurts is constantly focusing on getting better. He doesn’t care what he’s done because he knows he (and his team) can be better.

This mentality is exactly what seperates great players from Heisman caliber players. It is also the mentality Oklahoma needs to push through and be a serious championship contender in 2019.

It’s hard to say whether Hurts always had this mentality in life or if he picked it up from Saban. Either way, it’s safe to say Saban helped promote that cold blooded desire to succeed that will now benefit the Sooners. Thanks Saban.

Boomer. Sooner.

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