It’s Still Ohio State and then every one else in BIG 10

Talk a bout a DOMINATION in week two. Its not just how great Ohio state has been, but how AWFUL Michigan has been.

You always have to throw away week one performances, because lets be honest, they’re a preseason game. But week two is when we start to see trends.

Through two weeks, Ohio state is still king of the north.

And Michigan is Reek.

In a 42-0 win over Cincy, Ohio State and Justin Fields have shown they are still the bets team in the BIG10. Fields was 20/25 for 224 and two touchdowns, plus 9 carries for 42 yards and two more touchdowns. If he can keep this up, I think we’ll be talking about Fields for Heisman by October.

The rest of the Buckeyes were dominate as well. JK Dobbins had 17 carries for 142 and 2 TD’s as he build on hi sHeisman campaign as well.

And the defense held a Cincinnati team to a shut out a week after they moved the ball very well vs UCLA.

The real reason the Buckeyes should feel confident about their chances of winning the conference, is because their best competition STINKS.

It took Michigan two overtimes to beat Army. Its not just the fact that Army is a far inferior team, its because Army almost beat Oklahoma last year and ever since that game, people have been putting Michigan on upset alert. But apparently Jim Harbaugh didn’t get the message? They looked liked a team that was playing for 6th in the conference, not first.

If this is any inclination of how the season is going to go, I don’t think the Harbaugh Jokes are going to end any time soon. Meanwhile, Ohio State in high stepping to the playoffs with a few Heisman candidates.

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