Tuna’s Take Week 2: “Hopefully Pruitt Will Volunteer To Leave”

I recently wrote about how Jeremy Pruitt had Tennessee on the right track coming into this season due to his success recruiting. After week 2 that article didn’t age well.. While I still don’t think it’s all doom and gloom for Tennessee this season, Saturday Tailgate Personality, Tuna, strongly disagrees. We asked Tuna the following questions about Tennessee in 2019.

Q: What do you make of Tennessee after Week 2?

A: Well, I believe the college kids at Tennessee are losing faith in their school. I wouldn’t be surprised if kids start de-committing, an outright loss to Georgia State and BYU is embarrassing.

Q: Do you think Jeremy Pruitt is head coach material?

A: Ha, No. Maybe high school. Hopefully Pruitt will volunteer to leave. Pruitt may be a good recruiter but that’s it.

Q: Is there any hope for Tennessee in 2019?

A: Nope, If I was a Tennessee fan I would jump on someone elses bandwagon for the year. Maybe Kentucky? They make whisky too… Tennessee will be better eventually, but not this year.

Well it’s a bit harsh but there you have it. Tuna is not very optimistic about Tennessee, but its only week 2, hang in there guys..

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