Tempered Expectations in East Lansing

After a week 1 hike win against Tulsa 28-7 you’d think ehhh all is good, not the greatest but no real need for concern right? Incorrect there is much reason for concern and disdain.

It has nothing to do with the defense which is lights out and will end up in the top 10 for the 10th consecutive year only Alabama has had a defense that dominant for that long. The problem was the same issue they had last year with the offense.

They scored on their first drive to go up 7-0 but then followed it up with four field goals while starting in opponent territory with the ball and scoring on defense. They rightfully so were booed in the third quarter for providing such a horrible display on that side of the ball.

Dantonio is fed up and so are the fans who don’t want to waste another defense this good that could lead them into the big ten title game potentially.

Coach D laid into the coaches and players not targeting anyone specifically but through the media knowing this needs to change yesterday.

With really no changes coming during the season besides the fact they now lost starting receiver Nailor which hurts and can’t figure out how to run, block, catch, or throw. I can say if I was in attendance I would of been booing as well. We’ll see what happens this Saturday at 7:30 against Western Michigan at home and there better be improvement or else the noise about the offense is only going to increase along with the pressure.

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  1. Lewerke is no Cousins or Cook, but he is a capable qb who should be able to lead his team to the endzone more than he has. i believe his problem is decision making. too often he chooses to run, even when the pocket is holding up, and elects not to throw the ball down field. if he would hang in the pocket a bit longer, i think a receiver would get open, and pass plays of longer yardage would be the result. its beneficial to be able to run the ball now and then, but we must be a threat passing the ball, especially down field. lets hope that starts tonight.

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